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Professional Education in Parapsychology

Field Investigations: Apparitions, Hauntings, & Poltergeists 
with Loyd Auerbach
Starts February 6th

Research Methods for Parapsychology with John G. Kruth

Starts February 7th

Presenting the Paranormal to the Public with Loyd Auerbach
Starts February 8th

Psi in Movies, TV, and Literature with Loyd Auerbach

Starts March 7th

The Power of Nature with Chantal Toporow
Starts March 9th

Paranormal Phenomena: EVP, ITC, & Technologies with Loyd Auerbach
Starts March 8th

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality

Research on the Frontier of Consciousness Science

The Rhine Research Center explores the frontiers of consciousness and exceptional human experiences in the context of unusual and unexplained phenomena. The Rhine’s mission is to advance the science of parapsychology, to provide education and resources for the public, and to foster a community for individuals with a personal and professional interest in PSI.

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The mind is still a mystery….Until we know more about ourselves, we must recognize that we are moving forward blindly in a world whose patterns are constantly more complex and hazardous…


J.B. Rhine

Members of The Rhine

Our members enjoy access to the online Journal of Parapsychology archives (access is only for Scientific Supporters and above), free admission to Monthly Meetings, member discounts on all events, and full access to the Rhine Video Library of talks from events at the Rhine.

Click below for direct links to the members' areas.

Monthly Meetings

Join a meeting: Dream Study Group, Psychic Experience Group, and Remote Viewing Group.

Join An Event

Join an event or view our Event Calendar for more information on upcoming events.

Rhine Video Library

Direct access to the members' media library containing over 100 videos of speakers who have come to the Rhine.

Journal of Parapsychology

Read a collection of research, findings, experiences, and letters for a more in-depth view of parapsychology.

For as little as $10 per month, you can become part of the Rhine and continue to provide support for these activities and more.

Explore The Rhine

The implications of our work extend far beyond scientific research and educational programs. Indeed, our work speaks to a deep hunger in our global society for connection, purpose, and possibilities. We seek to contribute to humanity’s deepest longings and questions about who we are, and what we as human beings are capable of becoming.
Our work is part of a new worldview that seeks to build bridges between us, clarify the linkages between humanity and the natural world, and expand the scope of fundamental interconnectedness. We are inspired by the world’s wisdom traditions, which speak to the essence of our human experience and offer paths to our shared unfolding. Likewise, we are grounded in the discernment and care that rests in the methods and approaches of western science. And we are awed by both the opportunities and the challenges that lie ahead as we seek to find our place in an unfolding universe filled with mystery and wonder.

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Why do some people experience psi events more than others? Are there environmental or psychological factors that affect these activities? Can we measure biological changes while somebody is experiencing psi? Is there an energy or detectable force that enables ESP or mind-matter interaction to occur?

Engaging Our Community

Each month, the Rhine presents researchers and experiencers from around the world in online events. Members of the Rhine community worldwide have seen speakers such as Dr. William Bengston, Dr. Christine Simmonds-Moore, Dr. Edwin May, Dr. Callum Cooper, and Dr. Julia Mossbridge discuss their research work and their perspectives on topics from consciousness to healing to the relationship between parapsychology and physics. In addition, fun events discussing Remote Viewing & UFOs (Paul H. Smith, Ph.D.) and Loyd Auerbach’s favorite ghost stories bring people together to learn more about unusual phenomena and provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

Hosted by Executive Director John G Kruth and Assistant Director Susan Freeman, these events are presented using the latest technology to provide an excellent experience for our viewers. All events are also recorded and included in the Rhine Video Library at Over 100 videos are available to Rhine members, and a number of videos are available publicly to everyone.

Parapsychology Education

From educational events to monthly meetings to an online education program for students of the science of parapsychology, the Rhine is the primary source of legitimate information in the field of parapsychology. If you believe in sharing and learning about the scientific research and personal experiences that surround parapsychology, please take a moment to make a contribution today and support education in parapsychology.

Become A Rhine Member

Rhine members support groundbreaking research projects, unique educational opportunities and events, and a vibrant and active community of psi experiencers and explorers. For as little as $10 per month, you can become part of the Rhine and continue to provide support for these activities and more.

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