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Research Projects in Healing

Effective Healing Evaluation

Energy healers meet at the Rhine on a regular basis to learn energy healing methods, practice their techniques, and work with volunteers to assist with their practice sessions.  Some volunteers have reported benefits from these sessions, and some have even reported pain relief and the alleviation of long term symptoms. Researchers will work with this healing group to evaluate the effectiveness of the healing methods using a controlled approach to healing in a laboratory environment. 

Related work is being done in the Rhine Bioenergy Lab with measurements of the human biofield.

The Experience of Healing

What is healing? Does it involve more than a physical effect?  Is there such a thing as healing the emotional or spiritual systems? How do the healers experience the healing process?


This qualitative study will collect information from a group of healers at the Rhine to learn more about their experiences and to attempt to create a general description of healing from multiple perspectives. The final goal is to understand the healing process and to describe the concept of healing in terms used by healers and patients.

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