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Dear Friends,


From its beginnings, the field of parapsychology has been mysterious and intriguing. For centuries, people have had unexplained insights or communications with their friends or loved ones who have passed away, observed mysterious events in their homes, and some discovered that they are much luckier than other people. Are these experiences real, illusions, or just wishful thinking?


These are the questions that J.B. and Louisa Rhine brought into a formal setting in the 1930’s. Since J.B. Rhine retired from Duke in 1965 to establish an independent research lab, the Rhine has received funding through memberships and donations from supporters who recognize the value in continuing our explorations of consciousness and the science of parapsychology. It is no longer a question of whether ESP exists. It has been demonstrated in controlled experiments in the laboratory and has been written about in professional journals for over 85 years. The questions now are: How does ESP work? and How can we apply what we have learned to our daily lives?


Despite the widespread interest in parapsychology and the importance of cutting-edge research to our understanding of the world and human consciousness, very few organizations study these topics with the rigor necessary to conduct first-rate scientific research. Most organizations are sparsely funded and are struggling to maintain their financial footing in these changing times.


I’m pleased to say that the support of our community has led the Rhine to a state of financial stability providing an opportunity for growth. Today, I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your support over the years and to let you know that it has given us the foundation to build a greater future for the Rhine.  Thank you!


Of course, we must continue to fund and expand the research and educational activities at the Rhine. Many online programs and resources are available to our members and supporters, and we ask you today to take a moment to show your support for these ongoing activities.


We truly appreciate all that you have done in the past to support the Rhine. Join us as we move into a new era by contributing online at We are a stronger organization because of you. Let’s continue this journey together.

John G. Kruth
Executive Director
Rhine Research Center

Support what you believe.  Support the Rhine.

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