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Research Policies

Since the Duke Parapsychology Labs opened in 1935, the Rhine Research Center has been conducting top-tier research in the field of parapsychology.  The Rhine continues this tradition today by working with the top researchers in the field, providing research advice to colleagues, and publishing the premier peer reviewed journal in the field, the Journal of Parapsychology.

The Rhine has an active research team that includes scientists from multiple disciplines including psychology, engineering, computer science, biology, physics, history, and anthropology.  In addition, the Rhine provides forums for researchers to interact with the Rhine community which includes energetic healers, PK practitioners, mediums, remote viewers, and other individuals who have had numerous psi experiences in their lives.  This active exchange between scientists and experiencers provides a fertile environment for the creation of new protocols and for the exploration of experiences with the input of those who are closes to the phenomena, the experiencers.

In addition, the Rhine has a professional research team that meets to review reearch designs, provide advice on design issues and methodology, and mentor new researchers as they begin their exploration of parapsychology.  An Internal Review Board (IRB) provides ethical reviews and approval for studies that are conducted through the Rhine, and the office staff at the Rhine provides services to help recruit study participants and perform administrative tasks necessary to complete a professional research project.


To learn more about research policies at the Rhine, click the links below:

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